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Angel Investor Guide

This guide will walk you through what angel investors do, how to find them, and what the angel investor pitch process looks like in detail.

by Startups Team



Set Reasonable Funding Expectations

There are quite a few misconceptions about fundraising. Let’s dispel some myths and set more realistic expectations about funding procedures.

startup equity


Startup Equity 101

A startup equity investor isn’t looking for a simple interest payment on their money. They are exchanging more risk for more reward – a lot more.

Raising Capital


The Benefits of Not Raising Capital

The best strategy is to go as far as you can, as long as you can, without raising capital. This will allow you to get a full handle on the business.

angel investor


Profile of an Angel Investor

Make no mistake, the business of an angel investor is to make money. But working with an angel investor is different than going to a faceless bank.